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Post  Televator on Tue Oct 14, 2008 7:00 pm

Hey all,

I'm a friend of both the Chelsey/a users here, and Josh as well. I'm betting we can all learn from each other.

To start off, I am 19 years old and going to college at Holyoke Community to hopefully transfer for a degree in emergency management. I am in the MA. ANG as an emergency manager, or CBRNE troop. Not due to this, but enforced by it, I must live a healthy life. If I don't, I get kicked out - so, it is in my best interests to excel at PT. I'm no expert on health, but I know what I think to be more than the average person.

I frequently run, usually early in the morning between 4-7. A PT test for me consists of push ups, sit ups, and a mile and a half run. That is what I focus on. I generally do 50 push ups in a minute, 60 sit ups in a minute, at an 11 minute run time.

Although, I do need help as well. There's always room for improvement, mainly in my diet.

Hope to keep everyone motivated, and to find a better solution for everyone


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