Jenny Lynn ( i dont give out full names online sorry)

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Jenny Lynn ( i dont give out full names online sorry)

Post  Audriannasmamaw0405 on Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:56 pm

I am 25 years old and Up til recently have been a Stay at home mom to a very special 3 1/2 year old girl Audrianna She has cerebral palsy and other numerous health problems and a few food allergies. She is now in preschool and I will be going back to work I have also after 7 years of being in a relationship with Audriannas Father have become a single mom. I'm not complaining I did turn my life around and Have started eating better I was jogging taking walks going outdoors with my daughter more. I was on Chelseas old board and was a modarator if she would like me to be one again I can be. I went from 140lbs the end of may beginning of june something like that to now 127lbs I guess i can blame my breakup for that I have packed on 1 or 2 lbs because of the colder weather and the fact that i now have a car and a license so I drive more and with my daughter going to school I dont enjoy my walks as much. But I plan to stay at the weight im at now or maybe lose a few more lbs who knows. I am more confident, happy and I feel I have more energy.


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